In our last blog post we highlighted four reasons why aftermarket parts are better than OEM (original equipment manufacturer) parts – Quality, Availability, Price and Compatability.

These are, however, not the only reasons you should be considering aftermarket parts.

The balance between efficiency and frugality is an ever present consideration which ultimately affects your company’s bottom line. If your machines are out of action it affects productivity and you are losing money – hence the pressure to get things up and running in the shortest time possible. This pressure can lead to hasty, expensive decisions to purchase parts for the sake of efficiency and convenience.

There are also plenty of suppliers out there providing inferior aftermarket parts. This makes the decision to change to a new supplier or from OEM to aftermarket a difficult one and one which most companies have serious reservations about. This hesitancy in deciding to make a change could result in missed opportunities for you to save on costs without sacrificing productivity.

PTT takes this ‘worry factor’ out of your decision-making process, by offering you a steady, reliable supply of the best aftermarket parts at competitive prices.

Fixing a driveline problem can be a very expensive exercise when it comes to taking things apart to find the problem, ordering and waiting for new parts and rebuilding once it arrives – the cost of labour and downtime costing your business.

Profit = Bottom Line Fleet utilisation.

Average Major Component Repairs is timeous and will effect bottom line profit.

Improve your Utilization by using our Service Exchange Program

Mainline items are guaranteed to be available to increase your fleet utilization. More working hours for your equipment.

Why wait, Keep your plant in motion.

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