Question no. 01:
Is the quality of the aftermarket parts inferior to OEM (original equipment manufacturer) parts?

The Short answer is “No”. Let me explain: The aftermarket parts industry is a thriving global industry with factories across Europe, the USA and Asia. They offer parts that have the exact technical specification, and the same high quality manufacturing and control standards as the OEMs. In most cases the ISO90001 certification is standard practice for the aftermarket manufacturers.


Question no. 02:
Are aftermarket parts more readily available than OEM parts?

Yes indeed – aftermarket parts are more readily available that OEM parts. Thanks to the open market, the internet, and the aftermarket manufacturers making it their business to carry stock of the high turnaround parts. They also circumvent unnecessary bureaucracy like centralised parts distribution centres which may cause a delay on the availability of the OEM parts.


Question no. 03:
Why are aftermarket parts so much cheaper?

Aftermarket parts do not have to carry the product development costs or the marketing costs incurred by Original Equipment Manufacturers. This can therefor bring down the cost down by up to 50% without compromising on the manufacturing process, technology or quality of the product.


Question no. 04:
Are aftermarket parts the right fit for my heavy duty off-highway vehicle?

Hindsight is often 20/20 – and in the case of aftermarket parts manufacturing – it is a highly beneficial to you as the end user – because it offers an opportunity to improve the wear part or the OEM part that keeps breaking. As a result the small changes in the design can improve operation and durability.

At PTT we have been gearing up since 2001 to be your one-stop solution of driveline components and heavy duty spare parts. Our international network and years of experience afford us the opportunity to give our clients the best combination of parts. All to improve durability and operation; keeping your plant in motion for longer at a markedly lower cost.

Our state-of-the-art facilities East of Johannesburg has dedicated workshops for differentials, transfer cases, axle repair, final drives, transmissions, hydraulics and brakes. Give our dedicated sales team a call today to see how quickly we can get your plant back in motion.

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